Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Police: Take of That Damn Shirt Or Else.... - See Malaysiakini

A Malaysiakini staff covering the national Deepavali got arrested for wearing a No To ISA T-Shirt?

The reason that ACP Wan Abdul Bari gave is something stupid that everyone could laugh.

But the real point points to the Ministry who organized this affair. Actually, it is a public affair. Anyone can go in and the main purpose is to have fun. Period. Why do you want to stop a man who wears that kind of shirt.

Anyhow, the shirt is making Shafie Apdal and the other MPs sweating over people revolt over ISA. It is Shafie that is one of them who started making noise of people coming to open house. Do you have a problem, UMNO man? It is an open invitation. Anybody can come in, and I don't give a hoot of what you try to lament. Next, Gerakan and MCA are whacked badly for not taking part of considering how bad it is ISA. I have enough of them. If anyone from them asks me to join them, sorry no do. I'm not going in there.

It is the thinking manner of UMNO that is making the trouble, although leadership change could do a bit. That thing above is like discriminating the black people, lol. So you see BN wants to keep ISA, although pragmatists think and agree that it is obsolete.


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