Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Newspaper Vendor Called Him "That Bloody Bastard!"

I was still in school and growing up back in Ipoh back then. Once a month, the newspaper vendor by the name of Mr. Maniam and his daughter would go all around the neighborhood in Ipoh town collecting the paper bill. Usually, between 5.30 to 6 p.m, he would be stopping by my house collecting the bill. I would be there, either watching TV or doing my homework, while my late grandfather was outside the hall watching TV shows or the evening news.

I was around 15 then when one evening there was a news item that mentions of the then works minister Samy Vellu. Mr. Maniam was just right outside. Of course he heard it in tamil and when we came out he exclaimed "THAT BLOODY BASTARD!". But that's not the first time I heard that. When I go with my grandfather on some weekend trips, he'd say about Samy Vellu whenever he reads the papers. Not always but the newspaper that he read at that time was NST.

He had encountered Samy Vellu twice in the late 70s and early 80s. One time he was in the airport. All the time he's very disgruntled of how Samy Vellu is until his passing. He doesn't like him at all. And one classic example is how he intends to stay on whereas old men like Ling Liong Sik or Dr. M left to pave way for others to carry on leading the party. As of this time, he remains the only one left.

So on Saturday, I decided to explore around Sungai Siput for a while, having an Indian breakfast at a shop running along the main road. I made some observation around the town and I guess that people are okay with the new MP there. Anyhow, many people think that Samy is an old fossil and he doesn't do much for the Indian community following the HINDRAF awakening.

Well, at the MIC general assembly that day, I noticed that many of Samy's men retained their posts. People tried to challenge Samy for presidency yet whenever they are within the distance of doing so, they get wrunged out for the one reason to make sure no one challenges him. But then again, I notice that even with Samy and his yes-men, MIC could still be on the bottom as if the same show goes on and on again with nothing happening.

S. Subramaniam challenged against Samy in the presidency more than once and lost. So the question mark lies on whether he's leaving given that there is no more chances of fighting to change the party? I guess so, given that you tried your shot and lost over and over again. That's still a correct thing given that many think Palanviel is a mere yes-man and there's the merry lot again. And there's the Maika issue thing in which there are real revelations of mismanagement into the MIC's corporate entity there.

Dr. M has hit Samy with his posting on Makan Suap - which is indeed very similar to what is happening in UMNO before. But he could have done it very early than criticizing it now, I mean while he's still the PM. I just like how Dr. M goes in and hits at Samy and his merry-men over his writings. Indeed to whack Subramaniam and someone else his to say "I don't like you" or "You are a threat" statement. It's straight in the face thing.

Even he's in the grave now, I can still remember my dear grandfather's exclamation of Samy Vellu..."That Bloody Bastard".


  1. may the good lord keeps your grandfather's soul safe------i will pray for this later
    anyway an interesting article mate----keep up the good work.
    sorry no googgle, live journel or other accounts but got hotmail only----heck i dont even know my url number but i am from singapore

  2. i pray the the good lord keeps your grandfather's soul safe----a well written article mate

  3. whoelse qualifies a 'slippers-garland' !?

  4. siapa lagi qualifies for a 'slippers-garland'!
    ( hopi)


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