Tuesday, September 8, 2009

That Asshole Better Be Charged....

Yes, the guys who were protesting in the section 23 thing last week will be charged at courts. Out of the approximately 50, 6 will be under the Sedition Act, while the remaining will be under Police Act 1967.

Fine. But I hope to hear that this UMNO man by the name of Azmir Mohd Zain (we know as the man who instigated this incident) will be charged. If the name was never mentioned at all, then we have a good guess that UMNO is covering him, or we can say some high-ranking politicians have instructed Gani Patail not to let go and give Azmir a slap in the wrist. IMO, I smell something fishy that the charges could be selective.

It's just not him. There were a few notable figures from UMNO, one of them I actually saw him as a guest speaker of the AMK's talk back in the SCAH a few months ago with Hishamuddin Rais.

I am keeping an eye of how things will fold. If my guessing is right, then I surmise that Gani will get whacked left and right just as what many of us do in whacking Musa Hassan left and right over the extension of contract. Perhaps these two could be part of covering the Altantuya thing?

On a side note, there is a two hour plus interview with Pete Kamaruddin and the first segment is due by Thursday. The speculation of what is to reveal is sure to drive Bik Mama in hysteria.

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