Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Round Of Cheer For Malaysiakini!

Fearlessly, Malaysiakini told the MCMC investigators that they will not tear down the two controversial videos that feature the Section 23 protest last week. Their argument is that they are doing their job as part of journalism, not to annoy a party nor a person.

Of course this action could earn the wrath of the government in the form of the lawsuit against them. From what I was told that the video was actually viewed and the original cut content is depicting UMNO people involved in the protest as wolves in the sheep clothing, which hints of embarassment to the people if the video is seen - thus this thing. I am saying it's a believe or a state of mind if that is your opinion or so.

Anyhow, they cannot stop the Internet because anybody may go and make copies of the video and show it to the international media. If let's say CNN happens to pick up the video and broadcast it with witness testimony on this, it's game over for Barisan Nasional in this case. You'll figure out the rest. On the contrary, it will be a do the right thing to show it to the world of what is actually happening.

I'm in the aye thing for Malaysiakini for what they stand for. They are doing nothing wrong, and I would like to see how it will unfold. I am sure that the international and local journalism community would come in to protect their fellow journalists from idiots like Hisham Hussein and the others.

On the side note, the two videos provide a very truthful exposay of what actually happened in Section 23, with two notable UMNO figures seen in the video being involved from the beginning, even instigating at the dialogue session.

I figure that Bik Mama and the rest of the mob is getting in hysteria over this.

Cheers to Malaysiakini for keeping their ground.

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