Thursday, September 3, 2009

Don't Bullshit Us, Hisham!

I find that the reasoning of Hisham Hussein defending the cow-head protestors is somewhat a try to bullshit people, false truths, or maybe otherwise. But anyhow it is a part of creating trouble in Selangor. Remember what Najib said of taking back Selangor at all costs?

UMNO Provaction

Several PAS people have conducted an independent investigation of who actually instigated the protest of moving the temple to Shah Alam section 23. They have studied the video footage from Malaysiakini and have recognized two notable figures in part of the protest. Out of the 50 people believed to be involved in the demos, approximately 10 percent of the numbers are from Section 23 themselves, whereas the rest of the mob came from elsewhere, but mostly affiliated with UMNO.

Based on the footage seen, they have identified the main figurehead to be Azmir Mohd. Zin, who is the Section 23 Branch chief. Azmir is the younger brother of former Kota Anggerik state assemblyman Datuk Ahmad Nawawi Zin, who lost the seat to Yaakob Sapri in the 2008 general elections. Many have said and recognized Azmir as a "samseng" that runs around Up-town Shah Alam.

A revelation such as above has given some doubts that although the government are condemning such protest, but being two-face as revealed in the evidence above, it is attempting to intisgate more problems as to bring down the Selangor state government like what happened in Perak. It is an attempt to make the Malays think of the Indians and other non-Malay people as their enemies.

A quote from the Malaysian Insider said:

Hishammuddin refuted claims that the protest was organised by Umno and said that the location allocated by the state government is not suitable because Section 23 is predominantly Malay.

With this fact and video footage above, it is tantamout to bullshitting the people out there. I have a feeling that people are being lied with the statement there, and I find that it is an illusion to cover things up.

Order for case closed?

On Saturday, state CPO Khalid Bakar has said that the protest will be investigated under the Sedition Act. Today, the investigations have been completed and will be submitted to the AG chambers later on. Chances are in this scenario, the case is likely to be marked as a NFA (No Further Action), despite strong proof that UMNO is behind the provacation. Referring to this quote from the Malaysian Insider, Hisham said:

“If it can be resolved quickly and can be done with both sides understanding each other ... why would we want to penalise anybody?” he said, suggesting he was not in favour of legal action to be taken against any of the protestors.

That public statement is indirectly and a possibility of a word to the AG chambers to put the investigation papers submitted by the police to them. There is sufficient evidence to say that UMNO is responsible for that protest that day. And making a public statement before the investigation is complete is equivalent to the Executive intefering with another entity violating the separation of powers.

The attorney general has scored several own goals already, shooting his own foot. If a prime example is needed read this interesting revelation in Malaysia Today on his instructions to release a crime syndicate boss from the RR (restricted residence)

Hidden Hands

"If I wanted to use the issue to create chaos in Selangor, I can but we didn’t take such actions"

Denying such things and using the pig-head thing is an example of diverting the actual situation away from people's eyes to something else that people will not know so that people.

Actually, instigating the demo in Shah Alam isn't the only handiwork of that man himself. There are hidden hands and it starts from the top, branches into two divisions and finally into one. I will not elaborate further but a commentary article in Malaysiakini seems to hint otherwise.

Bullshitting People

If you remember the Gedung Kartun raid case, Zunar, the publisher has refuted the claims that the permit has been approved and the certificate of permit can be taken from August 14 onwards. However, when asked to explain why a raid was done, the communications officer explained that the book was published without permit.

There was a permit number given and there is no way they would say that the permit is not given for the number was genuine. Hishamuddin - the problem is that he might not have a single idea of what the situation is all about and so on...something that is missed out in his job description as the Home Minister.

And that's really one way to kelentong people.


  1. It is indeed disgusting.

    The minister talking to the 'protestors' when investigations are being conducted by the 'super fast' and 'super efficient' PDRM.

    No minister went to talk to Kugan, Francis Udayappan and the others who later died in police lockups.
    They were just suspects, not even criminals - unlike these fellows of S23 Shah Alam, whose acts and vulgar utterances were audio and video recorded.

    Is this minister actually giving the message to all and sundry that the protestors have to be 'set free'?

    They did not actually mean harm nor instigate?

    And the Indians there also did not like the relocation? Ah, so there are Indians too in S23 Shah Alam.

    But no Indian participated in that 'cow head' protest? A case of Indians playing out the Malays?

    Anyway where are they (Indians) in the important visuals with the minister? Too dark to be noticed? The minister could have asked for extra spotlights to 'bring out' the Indians too in the visuals.

    The real story is is the U-tube postings. So easy to tell what it was all about.

    And here is another blog which has its own interpretation, which also 'exposes' more on the people behind the incident.

    Click for details.

    Just because someone high up there wants to showcase stupidity does not mean we have to adjust our IQ accordingly to that same frequency.

    In fact these type of 'leaders' are going to be a real headache for the new 'KPI' full minister who reports to another full minister.

    We too know how to interpret, make decisions...and pray to GOD for an end to all this type of nonsense - very unbecoming of a party that has been ruling for more than half a century.


  2. I believe what u said is right. Lots of delution and deception is going on, nowadays in this land. Basically people are crazy on power and money. The next generation, our kids, will suffer if no change in power and the truth.
    Hope against hope that this land will not fall in the hand of a few!

    Daniel Tan


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