Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oh..Hell, Datuk Patrick Got Murdered!?

Pretty shocking, when checking out other blogs to hear that our friend was a murder victim of a robbery by intruders at his house in Bangsar.

I met him a few times, in the last one year or so, and I can't believe that a man goes off in a very wrong way - murder. Not the kind of going off that people had in mind. The last time I saw him was during a lunch break at office.

I clearly remembered one night when I hitched a ride on his car back to the Wharf after my friend Augustine was arrested. That was during the 1st year anniversary of the Bersih rally. Moments after Augustine was caught, I ran and told Serena, Patrick and Cindy of the arrest.

On Chinese New Year early of the year, I remembered how kind Datuk was with me. Sitting with Dave, Serena and others, I came late because of work. I was invited and he had with me a round of drinks with some nice cendol to sate my hunger. I've seen the house before, big with lavish rooms and etc. And had two kids around my age or something. Now it got me wonder what happens to them with no father around? Money ain't going to buy back things.

I had a feeling that it's maybe people from Bangla or Indonesia scum that come in and rob people in the middle of the night. Not sure if there was a skirmish when trying to fight off the robbers. I wonder whether if they have invested in security systems or not.

Oh the hell....

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