Thursday, November 26, 2009

It's One of Malaysia's Best Acting Cliche's!!!!

In filmmaking, the eleven known cliches that are best to be avoid are:

1. Surprise phone hangup.
2. Handy file cabinet - looking at the top drawer for a file.
3. Drinks in room temperature
4. Annoying two-shots - racking back and forth that is making audience of out-of-focus image.
5. Police arriving at the crime scene by the time crooks get away
6. Reactions of two actors listening to off-stage dialogue
7. Camera goes around actor for no reason.
8. In the office, the boss goes up, sits at the edge of the desk to make a two-shot.
9. Music swelling when actors whisper in intimacy.
10. Moving the camera for no reason
11. "What are you doing here?"

Enough of the list. Everyone says that when the Court of Appeal was agreed to hear the pleas of the Election Commission, in the process placing a stay of calling a by-election, it is the same thing as in Perak. They say that the Master is very unhappy over the outcome and ordered the judiciary to give their own lapdogs what they want to keep them happy. And that's the fact to make Najib happy. Of course I'd say that these guys have no guts to fight but there's something else to know more before saying that thing.

It's a cliche. Same scene repeated over again. Edmund 'Lord Bobo' was commenting about redux of Perak there. Officially, the main excuse for this EC jokers to file a commission is simply because they don't have enough money to run a by-election. 10 by-elections so far, if this is to be counted. And actually, it's true, Malaysia has run out of money.

Never in the official books, Malaysia has a deficit of 93 billion and running now. Given that Malaysia has run out of money in the coffers, Najib has to do many drastic things. You can make it up by seeing why he goes to New York to meet investors, why they are now accelerating the introduction of the GST tax, why they want to impose the RM50 per credit card - that's making a quick buck out of the splash they made.

Do you also remember what Najib said about pumping RM 1 billion every month until end of 2010? How did he get that idea? Simple. After he completed his Dubai trip, he stopped by here and went to Hong Kong visiting Daim for money. Do you start to realize that the more you bring in foreign investors here without your own control, they are starting to dictate terms of control that you will not be able to do so in long run? Isn't this the way an economic hitman's doing? So who's actually selling the country out?

So coming back to the election, it's is a repeating of a scene. If in a comedy, if you make a joke that people laugh a lot and want it again fine. But you can't do that thing again over and over again until people will ask why and for what? Same goes here. Same cliche used for the Anwar sodomy, same cliche used in the Perak thing, same thing used for that and there? I mean, are those people using only those things that's it?

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