Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cops Questioned Zorro: Flashback - 8.8.2008

I was told yesterday that Zorro was questioned over a one-year-old posting on August 8 2008, entitled Childish Police Bullying Again. The Star was quoted that the police questioned him over the defaced police logo with a dog on it, but inaccurately said of the posting was dated on 13 August 2008.

The intention of the post was dig at the police for hauling in Penarik Beca (Bakaq) over one of his postings that got him investigated under the Sedition Act. I was there the night Bakaq was questioned by the same department (CCID).

If the cops have not hauled in Bakaq on that day one year ago, this and that posting that Zorro put up would not have existed. Anyhow, disregarding that logo, public perception of the police force still remains at the low due to the higher crime rates until now.

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