Monday, November 16, 2009

Another By-Election - Kota Siputeh

Now here's the chance for Pakatan Rakyat to make amends for the mistakes that they did in Bagan Pinang. This time, the High Court made a right decision of making the EC declaring the Kota Siputeh seat in Kedah vacant. EC has found to be overruling the Speaker's decision - a decision that is contradicting the usual say that Speaker's decision cannot be challenged at all.

Unlike the Perak Constitution, Article 51 of the Kedah Constitution is clear that our BN man from the UMNO mob has gone AWOL two times in the role and that is clearly that cannot be denied at all. So the EC this time could run from making various excuses that they say the man is still an ADUN. And of course, it is a slap in the face for Muhyiddin Yassin (a.l.a, Blackbeard...)

I know Barisan Nasional is running out of money following the last 9 by-elections and they have flung lots of money for the Bagan Pinang campaign to finally get a win in Peninsular Malaysia. Okay...a check on the map indicates that Kota Siputeh is at the border line between Perlis and Kedah, so it's going to be further up ahead there.

Anyhow I see that both sides are facing hiccups, with PR facing infighting from state divisions, Sabah in particular, bribery accusations at Nik Aziz, and etc..While the media are still pushing towards nudging the PR into implosion with their news, in addition to remarks by UMNO men in particular, don't forget to mind your own camp. PI Bala has hit out with the first part of the one hour interview about his SD and it reveals much about the "First Lady" desperately trying to buy his silence to save her ass because she was really responsible for that incident.

So it's another election fever coming up..and boy, it's going to be fun really. And you might want to consider this.

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