Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Why Malaysia Still Needs Superman OTK.

In the afternoon, Superman OTK, being in the past fighting the wrong enemy, has done something that is perceived to be to attack him. 4 members of the central committee including Chor Chee Heung were sacked in the morning.

Upon checking back with this letter posted on Malaysiakini, the other three that were sacked were all of them Chan Kong Choy's men. They are throwing their support behind Liow Tiong Lai. Liow now is appealing against the ROS who overturned Pornstar Chua's sacking.

This time Superman OTK has done something right. There are 16 people that was recognized to be the Third Force - the force that was pushing for the fresh polls. Taking Chee Heung out was actually a big bonus, for it was revealed that Chor is a buddy of Tycoon Tiong.

But remember, what Superman did is just 25% of the job done. There's still more people for Tee Keat to beware off. The name Wee Kah Siong was mentioned prominently in by MCA insiders as well. According to one insider, Wee is also a buddy of Tycoon Tiong and was covertly interested in the Transport Minister post. If Liow is out of the picture, then Wee can fill in and the worst thing that can be done is to sweep PKFZ into the carpet.

Of course OTK, showing himself as a shining knight, would not want to do that. How did Tiong said that Ong took his personal jet? Simple, Wee invited Ong into that. When Robert Phang revealed that Wee arranged for Ong on flights in Tiong's jet, Wee got angry. This in fact was no lie. It was true, but Wee tried to deny it.

So, for now, we still need Superman OTK for what he did. And frankly speaking, he really is doing us a favor in the PKFZ thing, and doing his own style of MCA house cleaning against pro-Liow followers. But his work still ain't over yet.

See also my friend's take called The Saga of Superman OTK.

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