Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Someone's Not Happy And Three Good Judges Get Thrown Off

I have already got a feeling that some judges who are not biased and delivered their verdicts based on the proper rule of law will have their asses on the line and moved to cold storage. The reasoning is simple = their verdicts were not in favor of Barisan Nasional and such that they had to appeal to the Court of Appeal and Federal Court. I think that really pisses them off and such that they want to take those people who do real justice in the courtroom into the storage room.

I remembered back then when Gani Patail was so enraged that the DPP that was initially in the sedition case against RPK got transferred into cold storage because the DPP knew that there is no way to win the case by rigging it. The mob called Barisan Nasional is having problems with some characters that goes against the creed and this one of the ways to rig the ball game to win. I guess they are a bunch of sore losers really.

The mob wants to win the Allah case at all costs, swatting aside Herald although morally, it is wrong and it actually violates the real Abrahamic teachings. Presiding the cases is one Ms Lau Bee Lan - also part of the Nizar vs Zambry case / earlier stages of the Anwar cases. Many verdicts are delivered are against Barisan Nasional.

Earlier on, even if the law clearly states so that there must be a by-election when an assemblyman violates a state constituition, Barisan was unwilling to let go, despite having their unofficial entity in their coalition helping that assemblyman to stay put. When that presiding judge says no and asked the EC to run the election, some big shot is not happy and she's moved somewhere again, never to come back to that same division again.

Even the MACC, police and some people are not happy to say that particular judge saying that having taking witness statements are confined to working hours only.

Have a look on the two judges at this page:

Look at how these three good judges get moved out for something bad.

Someone or those walking in the corridors of power are not happy that these characters are going against their game plan to play crook and win at all times. In games, it's win some, you lose some. Fair and square. But this is not a usual game. It is the judiciary and doing this and that is equivalent to tampering it and outsiders will not have the confidence to ply their trade. So what Ahmad Husni was talking about Malaysian economy lagging is true, and cleaning of this level still remains unacceptable.

I wonder what if the Agong listened to all of us and chose someone other than Zaki? What if the other thing happens instead of this? Maybe a bit better or so. But we will never be in this kind of situation right now. Was His majesty ill-advised over this, being persuaded to take the man?

The newspapers never have the guts to show it, but if Al-Jazeera were to pick it up, the face goes down as what happened to Kartika. Got booed...

Ohh...it's going to be nice day sometime to come out and whack the mob.

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