Tuesday, December 8, 2009

If Gurujib Says It's Frivolous, Look At The Opposite

"I will not entertain any frivolous statement." - Najib, 4 December

It was on that day where Najib said that statement by P. Balasubramaniam that his brother Nazim had paid him money to buying silence was frivolous. If you are reading that thing, you may think that either he is naive or he is purposely trying to cover up Bik Mama by saying the opposite.

In Malaysian politics, approximately 80 percent of the what politicians say is actually the other way round. So, for example, when there is information that politician A had committed a crime of the scale of X, people will start saying that A did X. The next day A said that he did not do X but on the blogosphere, maybe a document leaked out said that A did. So what it means that A lied to cover his ass. No..the correct fact is that 80 percent of the time, politicians will say the other way round of what actually happened.

Goebbels famously said that if the lie is repeated numerous of times, then that lie becomes a fact. Or shall I say that history and propaganda is written by the victor. Look back at the Malayan Union saga, and you can see the point there.

Coming back to Gurujib saying that PI Bala's frivolous statement, you only need to see the antonym of the action. If he said that the statement is frivolous, the answer is, the statement is actually serious. They know of the statement, Nazim is implicated, Big Mama is in trouble now. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to go deeper. Just some common sense would do. And that's why the papers, the APCO public relations machine was scrambling like mad on that Friday to try cover up the mess that is her ass before things got worse.

But that will not cover the lid. In fact a few months earlier, some UM students, those studying there were prosecuted today at the KL Sessions court for writing the famous phrase "Bini Puaka" obviously pointing to Rosmah. Not all can be fooled. And I surmised something from reading that charges at the students: they knew Rosmah did it. Whatever was mentioned above and tracing it back to October 2006 was pointed back at her. And many others knew it as well.

You only need to do some thinking cap once a while to get the real message behind it.

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