Monday, December 14, 2009

Stamping Them Further Into The Gutter

Seems like the govt. is kind of trying to pretend that there is nothing happening around and they wish to close the cases under the tag as No Further Action. This doesn't happen on one front, but two examples instead. And we got people who are faster enough to detect how stump these top brass are. Perhaps it is mainly of many excuses, not only no proof but in fact that they want people to forget it as if nothing happens and the last of all, to cover the boss's ass - Najib's ass that is and someone behind him - Bik Mama.

The government is now in Catch 22 situation and is caught with the backs behind the brick wall.

After Americk wrote an e-mail (see Bala's Six Conditions For Interview With MACC ), there's still yet a response coming to them from the MACC, undecided on whether they wish to conduct the interview with Bala. They wish to put this in cold storage, thinking that Shamsul Iskandar could not find him as what he promised, but Americk's mail means that they cannot ignore it at all. If they attempt to close, people will think that the MACC is colluding with their political masters in attempting to cover up the blackmail thing and subsequently pointing all the way back to the start - Altantuya's murder.

Having them to come to Singapore or London to take Bala's statement is going to cost them a lot of money, particularly in the latter since a pound is RM 5.50 here and they are not willing to come out with a lot of money to go there to do the job. Some slackers indeed really, I suppose?

Like I said, it's a 'behind the 8-ball' situation. If they don't take the statement, people say that MACC is covering up for First Couple and colluding with the political masters. But if they risk taking the statement from Bala, it is showing the professionalism, but in the process, it will not bode well for the First Couple, particularly Big Mama.

This is only one part of it. And this comes to Karpal Singh. Karpal has taken up Nazri's challenge to prosecute Mr. 'Korek' V.K Lingam and surely Karpal is itching to kick off the case. To make sure he doesn't waste his time, he has asked for a fiat to prosecute Lingam in seven days. But that depends on the A.G chambers to issue it or not. But of course, if Karpal doesn't get that fiat, it tells people that the government is colluding with those brokering judges or those white collar criminals!

You keep seeing and hearing "People First Performance Now" slogans everywhere, but if there are no responses to those above or nothing happens, then that slogan is pretty hopeless and no substance at all. Sometimes, you will need to stamp them into the gutter to make things work.

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