Thursday, December 3, 2009

Phaw, Makkal Sakthi Ain't Last Long!

I remembered the nomination day at Bagan Pinang. I was there to see the election campaign there. One on end of the main road towards the nomination center, Makkal Sakthi - just days ago declared their support for Barisan Nasional - was heading towards the nomination center. PAS and PR supporters were in the middle, while the school grounds were occupied by the Barisan Nasional supporters. As the newly formed Indian party headed towards the school, the PAS people and party supporters would not allow them to come and chased them off away.

But somehow, they played part of BN winning that Bagan Pinang. What was interesting at that time was their choice of supporting BN and having Gurujib to come and grace their opening. And an interesting is that they get red packets from BN brass for their support. However, support has its consequences as the MIC has said a hardcore NO to them for they would interfere with the Indian support. Wrong. MIC at that time still creates problems.

Back in Bagan Pinang, I was with Zorro during the nomination and after witnessing the pushing away of the men in white, Zorro did mentioned of the party will not survive in the next six months after October. Well, it is less than six months where the newly formed party had leadership problems where some committee members want Thanenthiran out of the post, saying that he had become another Samy Vellu. Plot to topple him (quoted)? Not really. It could be game over before the real game kicks off. really happened sooner than I thought. Makkal Sakhti should learn the same lesson as what PAS did before. In the past, they did join the mob UMNO but realized that they were being used for nothing and learnt a very bitter lesson. That was what Kelantan people learned of that.

Expendable. That's one word to sum this up.

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