Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Case Study of The PPM

You'll come to that shortly of what is actually PPM.

I actually saw a witness testimony during Karpal Singh's sedition trial. When I read the article, I was laughing. That guy who was testifying shows how he is a product and a subject of the PPM brainwashing. If you remember this article by Hisham Rais, you'll find that it is similar to Myth #3....well you have to read to find out.

I'm still happy that some of our Malay friends are now aware of what PPM does - to spoil and confuse the minds of the other people particularly with half-truths, lies and so on and I believe that it will take some time and more convincing to get them to act together. But things get hampered when you don't have sufficient wisdom or understanding to know what is really happening around here? I'd say that the it's high time to get the ball rolling with Nizar's statement on how unIslamic that thing is.

The delusion of only one party is protecting their kind is still running around and many people are still believing in it although that believe is false. After Nizar got the ball rolling, PAS has launched the anti-thesis of UMNO's campaign - If UMNO's called the Juara Rakyat, Pas' is called UMNO Pengkhianat Rakyat.

Reading the four pieces linked in this post will give you a case study on the PPM.

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