Sunday, December 6, 2009

Said Hamdan Could Have Left Earlier

One thing that MACC chief Ahmad Said Hamdan did right was to quit even if it is 5 months ahead of the impending retirement in May. Malaysiakini quoted that Hamdan quit not because of political pressure but on personal reasons. But somehow, I believe during the man's period of leading the newly christened MACC, the agency was tarnished by several cases like inability to charge big fishes (e.g, players in the Lingam tape), those high-profile figures that are allegedly involved in corruption and Beng Hock's death in custody.

Interrogation practices by them are put in question after the Beng Hock case in July. As a matter of fact, Said Hamdan could have quit 4 months ago. In Japan, someone would quit if something bad takes place in his watch. That is full responsibility. In Malaysia it is the other way round.

Said Hamdan could have left much earlier, since his son, a MAS pilot was caught with pornography in Australia. But the inception of MACC at that time was too early, so I thought to quit while the new agency is inception means abrupt.

But I must stress the point is that the main problem now is that MACC is still perceived as unable to charge high-profile people in corruption without fear. As the saying goes, going for the small fish in the big pond. I just would want to see how his number two Abu Kassim picks the ball and runs it in January.

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