Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Bashing Fest Continues!

How I really loved to see how Dr. M hitting back at Nazri by challenging Nazri to quit UMNO. It's true. UMNO is perceived by some quarters as a racist party for the promoting the Malay Supremacy propaganda and Nazri is part of it. This is only one part of the fight fest over the BTN subject.

You see, the current BTN chief is the UMNO information chief, and he sided with the hawks. The hawks presently known were Muhyiddin, Sharizat and Noh Omar. These hawks, when revealed their wings have shown how extreme right-winged they are. And then there are the doves, white chess pieces that includes Ku Li and the PKR man Johari Abdul (Sungai Petani MP)

While both players slug out over this, the middle ground also shook hard at this BTN. At the forum just now many have been digging at the BTN, sharing their past experiences of brainwashing to hate others while defending Barisan Nasional or in particular the UMNO mob.

As for both Dr. M and Nazri, while they whack one another, let's remember that they have forgotten one thing in mind. If Dr. M says that BTN doesn't need revamped, people say that he turned it into a super-racist agency. On the other hand, if Nazri calls Dr. M a racist, what about himself as he is in a party that people think it's a racist thing!

It's nothing more fighting to a stalemate with both sides of the mob losing. phaw!!

Good..I would love to see the bashing fest go on and on. Cheer on!!!

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  1. You are really a 'batu api' ! Try to write a positive aspect of things from any incident. This would make the world a better place to live in instead of putting more oil to the fire.

    Aishah Abdullah


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