Sunday, December 6, 2009

In Memoriam

Today I will not talk about my usual stuff. It's something personal.

Today is exactly three years since my gran's passing. The date still etches in my memory and the night she died I was not there because of work commitments. She was at sure of what she wanted before she went off.

We gave her the tools to cure but she refused, intending to go and end the suffering.

You can say R.I.P or whatever you want, but I just want to mark today as respect in passing.

That means no more home cooked food already in the last three years and counting.

There are things I still remember about and the picture box that she has that I kept as a memento.

Of course there's something I intend to write today about Gurujib, but that thing, if you are smart and insightful, you'd figure out. No, I put this for today.

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