Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ridhuan Tee's "Phony" Theory

I was only a boy when I read a joke about Bowser's phony theory - dinosaurs get extinct because they didn't look left and right before crossing the road.

And this is a theory that I find it somewhat at first I would laugh at it but eventually I find it totally unforgiven and unacceptable. The entire thing and his so called formula is somewhat taking the proportional breakdown of races into calculating things and so on. Somewhat this is quite a familiar thing to me in the form of Proportional Treaty - a jargon used in Insurance business.

I really lost appetite when reading it. It sounded not very nice at it gives a picture that given he's a Utusan columnist, Ridhuan Tee is a perfect case study of Kaki Bodek or an ingratiate. In fact the writing somewhat mirrored of the position of where United Malays National Organisation is right now - in desparate times and to win back Malay support.

I read two pieces of articles. One of them is pointing about why India is very successful now, producing a lot of high-skilled people - especially in information technology is simply because that despite having many practices in faith, culture and otherwise, all Indian nationals followed one common rule, which is secular style of rules. There used to be Malaysia Malaysian concept that was advocated way back in the 60s which encourages people to think in secular way, which was opposed heavily by certain quarters. Pakistan is the exact opposite of India, going behind them because they have things mixed that makes them fall behind: mixing of military, and religion matters into the common law.

A few weeks ago, I also read a chapter of Lee Kuan Yew's memoirs. Part of it points and alludes to why Singapore split and after the split, they became better and more successful than us. The book also points and source it back to ultranationlist views by individuals like Harun Idris, Syed Jaafar Albar. In the end such views by these individuals have caused Malaysia falling behind all because of topics about race that spook other people.

I can really have a good point to consider that such phony view by Ridhuan Tee. In the end, Malaysia paid the terrible price in the long run, losing in all aspects - social, economy, security, education and everything to the high-knowledge and more advanced countries - all because of such views as this.

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