Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Shooting The Whistleblower For Bad Things

The whole buzz on the Malaysian media over these two weeks is about the obsession to find and take RPK out from London back to Malaysia. Most of them who spoke of these obsessions mostly come from the mob group called United Malays National Organization. Other BN component parties never even mentioned a single word or two about this kind of development. Counting the number, the number from the mob group was about three notably, one from Puad Zakarshi, one from Pete's friend Megat, and one more from Latif Ahmad.

One of the points mentioned by this kaki bodek Latif seems illogical:

Dr Abdul Latif urged the police and Immigration Department to intensify their probe in exposing the sponsor’s identity.

He also claimed that other bloggers could be part of a syndicate to tarnish the country’s good name but that only Raja Petra was special enough to have been sponsored on an overseas trip.

Let's remember that most bloggers don't tarnish. They expose the big fish and the big figures. Back in 2004, there were 18 characters - big fishes including ministers and politicians known to be involved in high-level corruption and mismanagement. Sadly Latif might not know that MSM cowered because they fear repercussion from the Home Ministry over publishing something that could catch the fat cats with the pants down. And to get the ball rolling about big fishes in that, even the IGP friend Musa is also one of them - since he's colluding with underworld figures. Otherwise, why would the name Moo Sai Chin suddenly appeared during Rosli Dahlan's trial?

The Altantuya murder mystery still REMAINS not closed entirely. It's already three years. The sooner such gimmicks and comedy of errors done by gomen go on and on, the longer people are waiting to find out who actually killed Altantuya. Certainly, Sirul and his other partner were made scapegoats as what PI Bala's original SD implies.

Unfortunately, it's true as Pete claims that you need to think more and deeper of how he got out of Malaysia and so forth. But the more important things are in hand now, which to get the bigger fish not going after those small and innocent fishes. If somehow the bigger fish can't be caught even though it is visible and big in size, then there's something wrong with the catcher and it needs sight replacement, if you know what I mean. Or is the catcher afraid of being bitten?

So, since now Musa Hassan has asked the British police to look for Pete, you may know what it could come back in the end. It's like turning the tables around you / hunter becomes the hunted.

Shooting the whistleblower..... Where's that Witness act that Nazri mentioned before?


  1. Why the Agong, sultans and Heads of states have not said anything?

  2. Happy New Year Young Man and May the new year brings you good progress and joy!

  3. I am afraid the Heads of the royal famailies of Malaysia will not lift a finger for the same reason that they are in it together for their share.


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