Friday, January 1, 2010

Hello and Happy New Year 2010!

First, it's happy new year 2010!

I realized that I didn't write as much as the first two years. Partly because of too much work, exhaustion, timings and maybe I didn't have time to write as what it used to be.

I've done the first thing I want to do - weeping for mistakes of 2009 for 10 minutes in the morn. And let's wipe the slate clean.

As the word says 'to make up' for the miss and mistakes - I'm trying to recapture what was missing - hardwork (my manager told me that was missing in the last 2 months), saving my job, enjoying writing this by going back to my 'one post per day' mantra.

Ah the mantra...I noticed that I fell short of 80 plus postings for 2009, that's about 11.5 weeks of posting there. In fact I've already had 2 or 3 more things in mind...but well, never mind.

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