Saturday, January 16, 2010

Figuring the Hardliner's Psyche

I have been observing the sentiments from those who have been screaming about the word Allah permissible for non-Muslims to use and it clearly reminded me of the two things that I've read before. The common thing that both have in common is the state of thinking.

Earlier on, I have mentioned my say in the previous posting called The State Of Maturity From The Allah Debacle. I would like an add an extension to my say above by noting that the Allah debacle, shouts from the hardliners reflect like:

Provisional IRA

According to Wikipedia, the Provisional IRA is the paramilitary organization with the sole aim of removing Northern Ireland from United Kingdom and reuniting that territory with Ireland. The initial strategy by them is to force the withdrawal of the United Kingdom via forcing of the collapse of the Northern Ireland administration and massive casualties of the British forces.

The very interesting part of the IRA is to examine some of the psyches and parallel it with the hardliners of the Allah debacle and those from the United Malays National Organization. The current party is not the same as them but the common underlining between both is how the hardliners who opposed the view of allowing non-Muslims to use Allah. Anything that is seen as a loss to their favor, will be considered as capitulating to the opponent.

For example, if there is a setback that favors the other party other than the Provisional IRA, it is seen as losing outright. In the aftermath of the 2008 GE, a summit at JB held by UMNO surmised that the results indicate that UMNO was losing the hold of power. They considered it as capitulation, loss of power and blaming it on the other races.

Holy Crusade

The Holy Crusade is a series of campaigns to retake the lands of Jerusalem occupied by the Muslims and otherwise. The common thing is fighting the other religion in the name of religion. The believe that the land which was rightfully theirs should be theirs and no one else. During the time of Baldwin IV's (the Leper King) reign in Jerusalem, all were welcome to dwell in the city in what Baldwin said was the right virtue to do so.

During the nine crusades, everything was killing in the name of religion. Here, the thing, torching churches and etc reflects of fighting in the name of religion although the underlined truth is that many were misintepreted about the teachings. However, this of course violates one of the Ten Commandments which is to simply use 'in God's name'. In other words, you cannot simply do acts such as those by referring this in God's name.

Going back to the roots, Islam and Christianity are branches of the same root, which is the teachings of Abraham, parallel by his sons Ishmael and Isaac. To say your God is not my God is actually a misinpretation. If you are a person that goes to Friday prayers, there is a difference between just listening to the sermons and listening to the sermons and checking with your holy books to see it is true.

The Quran actually acknowledges of Jesus, the Bible as well as the Torah and reaffirms that this religion shares the same concept as them except on the parallel side of the veil. Sure, well verse scholars who also understand English well will indeed say that Allah is God, the Lord, Jehovah and so on. It's just God has many names and aliases. Not God 1 or God 2. That is absolutely wrong.

I read an article saying that Azmi Sharom's e-mail box gets bombared by e-mails by those who are angry over the his agreement that Allah can be used by others. I can sum up by saying that these people are either misintepreted, shown the wrong way or refuse to acknowledge the stark reality and the naked truth of the actual readings.

Now It Shows of PPM

A few months ago, Hishamuddin Rais has published an excellent article called Projek Pembodohan Melayu and it was a very sober read, describing why Malaysia is still far behind, partly because of this. Following this recent debacle, some of the things based on that PPM thing can be shown here:

Still the three myths are being used there.

There is still a myth that the organization claims they are God's representative here. God does not appoint priests, popes directly.

To be continued....

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