Sunday, January 31, 2010

Are They Realists or Just Showmen?

Khalid Ibrahim and Xavier Jeyakumar were unhappy men. Arrangements that were made with temple people and the Selayang police went up in the flames when state police chief Khalid Bakar told them that they had to remove the stage there because Najib is visiting the temple at night instead of this morning. A friend of mine told me that Najib coming there is like being a showman announcing himself to come to a stage.

If that is not enough, they had to argue with the police over the problem of them occupying the police's monitoring spots there.

No, it is the problem of those people coming in to show themselves. If you are a realist, you would come in to there in a very surprising way. That is more appropriate as to make an event, particularly a state official event more interesting to have another unexpected celebrity coming over.

A showman merely boasts and shows how great they are but they don't have substance.

There's also another example. According to Harakah, PAS was very unhappy at Hisham Hussein, Najib's cousin over the matter of him directing the police men not to take Azmin Ali's statement over his claim that there are UMNO members who instigated the torching of the church thing.

The directive implies of showing how high and mighty the man is to protect the party, and it is inconsistent against his statement that 'no one will be exempted' But it is already too late because it reveals what a showman he is instead of a realist.

In the end, it is more of less of a sideshow of a sideshow.

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