Sunday, January 31, 2010

Football In 3D!

Isn't this better after watching Avatar in cinemas?
LONDON, Jan 31 – Nine mystery pubs are to host the 3D broadcast of footballing giants Manchester United and Arsenal play each other at the Emirates Stadium tonight, news reports say.

BSkyB and Korean manufacturers LG have fitted out nine pubs around the UK and Ireland with brand new 3D television; a new 47-inch LD920 and it will feature the match – to be filmed and broadcast live in 3D and beamed to each of these pubs on Sunday.

3D has been a sensation since the latest movie to feature the technology – Avatar. It still involves the usage of spectacles to watch the effect.

Four drinking venues in London, two in Manchester and one each in Cardiff, Edinburgh and Dublin have been kitted out with the new TVs, but BSkyB has not disclosed their names for fear of overcrowding.

But other reports listed the pubs as: Cardiff – The Blackweir Tavern (North Road) Dublin – Qbar (D’Olier Street) Edinburgh – Belushis (Market Street) London – Bar Kick (Shoreditch) London – The Elk Bar (Fulham) London – The George (Liverpool St) London – Sirocco ( Soho) Manchester – Binary Bar (Castlefield) Manchester – O’Sheas (Princess Street)

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