Sunday, January 24, 2010

Husni Missed Out A Point,

I know and I saw Husni Hanadziah once when I was in secondary school where he was invited by the administration of my alma mater to be the guest-of-honor for the Speech and Prize Giving Day. Note though that Husni was also from the same school.

Yesterday, Husni was criticizing everyone us for betraying what the forefathers do by migrating to other countries. In this time of the period, people migrate because of the many mistakes committed by the regime. I remembered that in the times of Tunku, Tun Razak, every people were appreciated for the work / sacrifice done for the country. But after petroleum was found, greed became part of the people and many bad practices are happening now.

You see, Husni missed out a key point - what about the ruling government? People were not appreciated as what it used to be. The common syndrome that is happening now is:

1. Corruption
2. Discrimination
3. Bad state of economy

If you earn $3000 in US, you earn 10K in Malaysia, so people will find it more better to work there and migrate there. Of course, I would love to, but I simply feel that I am not ready now. The feeling of loneliness and craving for home is very sharp there and more than what I am facing now.

People should not depend on BN to change it...they have to do it first hand come in the election time.

Interestingly, I saw the first three paragraphs of Pete's posting that says:

Malaysians who ‘abandon’ their country and migrate to another country are traitors, says an Umno Minister. Is he speaking on behalf of the Malaysian government, on behalf of Umno, on behalf of Barisan Nasional, on behalf of the Malay race, or on behalf of the Muslim ummah (community)?

Malays always scream, rant and rave that Islam comes first and everything else goes to the bottom of the priority list. Even the Member of Parliament for Kulim -- someone from what can be considered a liberal party, PKR -- says that he puts Islam first and everything else second. So let us assume that Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah, being a Muslim, speaks from the Islamic perspective. I doubt he would dare declare otherwise.

Islam stipulates that if you suffer persecution, oppression, injustice, and discrimination under a dictatorial regime, then it is your duty to hijah (migrate). And hijrah is very important to Islam. Hijrah is what the Prophet Muhammad was commanded by God to do. And the day of the Prophet’s hijrah is the day the Muslim calendar begins. That is how important hijrah is to Islam.

- For Whom The Bell Tolls

Look at the third paragraph, most of other Malaysians are facing this. They are not being appreciated.

Read more at here, here.

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