Friday, January 8, 2010

The State Of Maturity From The Allah Debacle

In factual, it is wrong to say that Allah is one God and Holy Father (in Christianity) is another. Allah and Holy Father is actually the same. God has many names / aliases and never forget that Islam and Christianity are branches of the Abrahamic teachings via the sons Ishmael and Isaac. The Bible and the Quran holy book specifically share the same thing in common that there are no other gods except than God himself. This was also muttered at the end of each of the 5 daily prayers in Islam which speaks of there is no other god than Allah (God) himself.

When the initial verdict of Allah ban was overturned, hardcore Malay groups went into such frenzy to convey the indirect message of 'how could this happen' or 'we're being threatened'. All the sort of excuses you use to say that something goes against your way. This is indeed what can happen if the Lina Joy case was overturned instead of dismiss. Simply because of religious pressure on judiciary, society and the point of saying that the official religion cannot be challenged and so forth.

Simply to put, to restrict the word Allah exclusively to one race is somewhat not reaching to the real zenith and understanding of doing such action. You still need to check back on other things to do so before proceeding. You have famed Malay scholar Munshi Abdullah writing Allah in the Malay history books, the word Allah is mentioned in the old Malay translation of the Bible, people in Sabah and Sarawak refer to that and otherwise.

So what about the state anthem?

When we were boys in school, we used to sing the National Anthem and the state anthem at every Monday assembly. In that case, the state anthem of Perak was called Allah Lanjutkan Usia Sultan and the tune preceeds the national anthem in terms of tempo, and structure. The word Allah (God) is mentioned in there twice and this song preceeds the present National Anthem.

The first line reads - Dilanjutkan Allah Usianya Sultan
The last line reads - Allah Selamatkan Negeri Dan Sultan

Note that this song existed since the 19th century even before United Malays National Organization was formed. So that means that people there understood that the one God that we knew is translated into either Tuhan or Allah. You basically do not call an idol and worship it by calling it Allah, don't you? Now then, if these quarters are against and still believe that the word Allah is to be used exclusively by Muslims like these mob group called UMNO do, then why the hell do we hear other people and other students saying "Allah selamatkan..." when singing the state anthem?

If they are pursuing the mantra there, then you will have to dare change that song by replacing Allah with Tuhan if everyone is to sing that state anthem. That is if they wish to live up to the claim that Allah is used exclusively by Muslims.

The Allah debacle has clearly established a few lines that can be understood by readers and those who would spend some time to think about it.

1. It establishes who are the moderate and hardlined people that are involved in the subject. It seems that PAS line has established a moderation line by saying that it is okay to say the name Allah as the Malay translation of God, provided it is not misused, and in move that is applauded by the few - which is to have a dialogue session with the Catholic church.

2. The hardliner stance, particularly from the mob group called United Malays National Organization and NGOs affiliated to them (e.g Perkasa) have showed that the ones that get spooked by such stance would be those non-Muslim people. And as such, the 1Malaysia concept gets mired down to the drain because of that. There is growing fear that other races and religion are put aside by force over Islamisation thing.

3. It establishes the main characters either moderate (like Khalid Samad, Nik Aziz) and the hardliners like those from UMNO, Ibrahim Ali, etc..

4. It clearly reflects the state of immaturity by most of the people who are in connection with UMNO. They are monopolizing the word but in fact that it is to be used by all people. Same meaning, but a different concept. An interesting notion to be mentioned in there is that this is also a way to make the fool of people...ala Projek Membodohkan Melayu. Look at how the Judiciary page got hacked and the message that was left. It reflects the immaturity that most hardliners are right now.

5. As Mahfuz Omar said the other day, it is also a possibility and a way of UMNO to divert other issues including the sugar problem, Altantuya, RMAF engines and otherwise. UMNO is facing internal problems that are not known to most people, with the MSM in their pockets / ownership and control by the Home Ministry.

6. It reflects the product of education. Reading but without understanding. The thinking happens because you don't really understand what the Quran was talking about. Also, the style of teaching also happens there as well. The style of shut up and listen, no questions ask. You can also notice that it's like a game of monopoly out there.

But little is known that such move by the hardliners are going to affect most people in the Eastern part (Sabah and Sarawak). And these two states want to have their own autonomy not to have the Federal government telling them what to do and those restrictions. In the end, it's them that's going to suffer. That's part of the whole consequences. Remember that Najib once said that East Malaysia is BN's fixed deposit? They are standing to lose the F.D if such things prolonged and angering the people there.

Most of the hardliners come from UMNO. Why they would spew such racial-oriented remarks is actually for themselves. UMNO is fearful that their hegemony of power in the last 50+ years is eroding and the support from their own race is ebbing down since most of them are starting to get more literate, and aware of what's going on in the country. The only thing that counts is the pakcik makcik from the villages and people who are not well educated.

Now that the issue has gone public, we can now identify characters that claimed to be pious, playing the 'holier than thou' mantra but instead do something that the Devil would be in support of, like corruption, adultery, murder and etc..It is also interesting to note that one party do not represent the faiths. God does not appoint popes, priests, imams and so on. It is a religious instituition that appoints them.

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