Friday, January 8, 2010

So What Now, APCO?

Just in case if some of you may have no clue or whatsoever, APCO worldwide was brought in as Malaysia's PR agency with the fee of RM20 million annually. And it is them that has concorted the 1Malaysia slogan. They also had a panel of advisors to advise Najib in the first 100 days in office.

Right now, the Allah debacle has clearly gone astray against the 1Malaysia that Najib has promoted so much already. Of course this has thrown a spanner into APCO's planning to have improving Najib's PR image to everyone in Malaysia and internationally.

Let's look at the admission of him saying how powerless they are to stop their own people.

It's just a wishful thinking that APCO might not gain enough understanding of the psyche of the Malaysian people. Not really. But now part of the plan gets derailed by people hoo haa over the Allah matter.

So what now, APCO?

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