Sunday, January 31, 2010

Let The Blame Games Continue!

The last three days, both sides, opposition and BN have been blaming one another over many issues, to the point where people will be very misdirected from the more important things of economy and many things. Blame games have become more politically oriented. But one observation that I noticed is that majority is of UMNO instigating it, blaming people instead of themselves.

It's just like what Provisional IRA used to do, which is refusing to sit down and talk, thinking of being high and mighty while the other partners buckled down and obey their letter.

The ball got rolling with the Muslim groups blaming the Christians again on the Allah debacle. The problem is that they are not matured enough to think that the word is acceptable elsewhere. Try asking the question to the famed Muslim scholas throughout the world, and they will get laughed down to the drop. And there's the problem of immaturity by the group.

Next, Najib and BN blames Anwar and Pakatan for the church attacks over and over again. This is despite the fact that there are people who are aware that UMNO affiliated quarters deliberately instigated and retaliated so that they can catch the attention of other races. There has been an allegation that this was deliberately engineered so that they can make people think that the mastermind behind those attacks is Anwar and Pakatan.

And there's the best including Dr. M blaming PKR and PAS of splitting the Malays. But there are groups of people who doesn't have the conventional thinking and may think differently. Is Dr. M expecting that all Malays to be under the one umbrella that is UMNO in terms of politcal and perspective thinking as well as their tenets? Control against freewill perhaps?

These are among the few I point you, you point me thing but the boar head incident is making this pretty much suspicious or play acting is involved in there.

The signs of UMNO blaming others also happens to those who are previously in UMNO the current Penang debacle. It's just the golf club thing that somebody gets sulked for not getting the tender directly, not by open tender.

Sigh...I am indecisive over this thing, but I believe that there's the fun of witnessing the war of words against both parties. But again, let's remember, it's deliberately engineered to make things worst, using the May 13 1969 thing as a baseline script. It's a remake in the making!

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