Friday, January 29, 2010

Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu in PKR

The problem right now in PKR is that they are running in circles over how delicate it is to deal with a 'loose cannon' like Zulkifli Noordin that. Everyone said that he crossed the line by making a remark that goes against the coalition's desire to have flexibility and respect for other religions. From the remarks that he made on why he reported that, I would say that flexibility and the actual wisdom of religion that he claims to have is not there missing.

Instead what I found is that the remarks he claimed is very similar to the UMNO mantra. But the UMNO mantra is one more step worse than Zul's thing which is to defend the Malay rights - turned Malay supremacy to the last drop of blood (one of the common cliches mentioned).

Going back way before the General election and just the six months after GE, I thought with him going on the cool motor bike, riding and a cool end call sign (adios) at the end of each posting, he's one cool fellow. The one time I saw him in the face was during the aborted Bar Council gathering held back on December 2007, where he was one PKR man with the rest of UMNO-related NGOs storming into the Bar Council calling for the stop on that talk. The other man who went with him was the GPRM current president.

The three Ibrahims (Anwar, Zaid, Khalid), given of their past history has skeletons in the closet that includes opportunists would be keen to exploit to their fullest to wreck their public image. People were calling them to throw Zul immediately, like being hard and no remorse. In the end, Anwar just referred Zul to the disciplinary committee, and they imposed a gag order on media - something that Zul was not happy with. One thing I believed is that Anwar did that to show that he wanted to keep his hands clean and not personally involved in subsequent actions against Zul. This is because from the start of Reformasi, (according to history), Zul was willing to lay down and follow Anwar with all costs.

So that's why some of the leaders are facing the problem of running in circles in coming out with the best solution to get rid of Zulkifli. But may have information that could incriminate, people, who knows? So that is why the Pi Mai Pi Mai Tangtu show is now in the PKR shores live now. There is right now a problem of how to solve the party problem. Remove Zul or not?

They said that Zul is a PAS reject. Not even UMNO would be willing to take him into the fold.

If I am given a choice to pick on this, I would see removing him is more appropriate. Both sides will know that although A is a good friend of B, in comes to this business, personal relationship will not take into account. If both parties know how to differentiate it, then it is good as both parties will have understanding and hold no personal grudges against one another.

Will I do my part to make PKR free? Yes, it's encouraging to have people write to their MPs or their assemblymen to let them know their intention on Zul. Of course I would but my MP and Adun is a DAP man!

How I wish that a cool dude in a motorbike shouldn't end up like a hardliner in UMNO.

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