Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Face of An Ally, The Mask of A Foe

I don't rule out the possibility that a party who offers their hand in support of the victimized is actually instigating the whole thing out of the reason of the anticipation of loss of power which a party has held for the last 50 years or so. The party was banking on the majority population support which most of them are docile, doesn't know the truth and can be fooled into following their words.

As Goebbels once said, the more the lie it becomes, the more it becomes the truth, which leads to more kaki bodek following the statement, even if the statement is absolutely wrong in all aspects.

Enough of my rantings.

I had met Jackie Surin (not sure last year or the year before that) at the BUM meeting, where I was invited to have a picture taking session with Farish Noor. Her writing - "Who started it?" shared the same opinion as I do. Read here.

As if that is not enough, do you think it is always possible to consider a party that wishes to instigate or make the issue big by financing the mob groups that go violent? Read here.

My friend, whom I have not spoken and met over the last four months or so once told me of 'Father's Recipe' meaning that if things can get worst, our PM can go back to his father's recipe of the 1969 disaster with the help of cousin Hisham, and best buddy Zahid Hamidi. Like I said, anything is possible and permitted.

Of course such possibilities above mean that everyone should be careful lest you repeat the 1969 and fall to the trap of those who intend to set it up. Got it?

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