Monday, January 4, 2010

The Subtle Hint of Wrongdoing By MACC

Christmas Eve - The Selangor police started an investigation by Lim Guan Eng's claims that Beng Hock was indeed murdered. Khalid Bakar was quoted to say that Guan Eng's statement is considered as inciting the public to believe that Beng Hock was murdered. But on the 29th, Pornthip declared from her analysis that Beng Hock was indeed murdered. Which means that the content of the first report - allegation is rendered superflous given that the statement says it all.

Then a police report was made at Pornthip by the MACC over the allegation that the beans were spilled too early over it. Some said that it is one way to scare and intimidate Pornthip of not showing up for the inquest session, which is resuming this Thursday. That is one part true and the other part is it is hinting of the MACC's wrongdoing over Beng Hock's case. The first part - being intimidation - means that the MACC is committing a criminal offense as well into intimidating a key witness from providing key testimony and statement.

Previously, an anonymous letter with the MACC letter head was making its rounds on the Internet around a week after Beng Hock was found dead. It contains details that the MACC Selangor was using intimidation tactics on Beng Hock. The more elaborate details include how they would force and break someone into giving a simple info, even to point a finger at someone in exchange for their freedom or something. It was also alleged in that letter that Beng Hock doesn't have any idea to the questions posed by them and they tried to do the extreme - dropping him down from the 14th floor in order to get information. But that intimidation stunt ended in a disastrous manner in the way Beng Hock fell - which posses a question of why is there a rip on the trousers?

Let's just say if what was written in the letter eventually turned out to be correct after all - which means that the appeal ruling over the interrogation hours will become irrelevant at all (that's one of them), and secondly, there's going to be a massive overhaul in the organization, and of course, the officers involved in that session that night, could be finding themselves out of the job.

In anyways, let's wait until Thursday to see things going.

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