Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ayah Dino Still Doesn't Know Internet!

The Malaysian government has warned against excessive use of micro-blogging sites like Facebook and Twitter, arguing that they could erode the country’s culture, a report said on Sunday.

Rais Yatim, the information and communication minister, said Muslims and other religious groups must be wary of the Internet as it was introduced by the West.

Note: For this case, I will refer to this bloke as Ayah Dino.

There is still a problem with Ayah Dino. He whined that Malaysians are addicted in those tools like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Friendster. And then he added that the mainstream media is still relevant in today's society.

When Ayah Dino said that to people especially youngsters from Generation X and Y, they feel a kind of being told by a cheong hei person. As you can see, this is the newer way to communicate rather than spending many hours and money talking over the phone. All you need is a broadband connection and a chat program, and you're off to go to chat with a lot of people without the phone.

Was Ayah Dino really thinking that of being a big brother to jaga over all people who are hooked up to the Internet, whereas he still clings to the old conventional method? Hey, I asked a few youngsters around including my very own brother and asked whether they read newspapers when they are on their own. Their answer was hell no. They usually read and get news online now. At least people are getting more info on the net rather than the papers because in Malaysia sometimes the info is distorted and not exactly accurate as they claim to be. And sometimes, sometimes info can't be found on print.

In the last 15 years those who are really used to the old system who was trying very hard to adapt to the new system of information technology were called dinosaurs. But at least they tried very hard and many got it running. But in this case of Ayah Dino, I was wondering whether he doesn't even know what is e-mail, Internet, Web 2.0 and so forth.

This is the second time that Khairy laid the smackdown on Ayah Dino on Twitter again, as according to Malaysiakini. The last time around back in mid-August last year, Khairy was telling a reporter something similar when he whacked Ayah Dino again. He said: ""While we're on the green dam, do you think Rais knows what email is? Forget FB (facebook), Twit (twitter), etc. Is he even 1.0? I think he kolot."

True, Ayah Dino deserves to get whacked left and right from youngsters in he whines about this thing. This is somewhat different from his predecessor Mamak Maidin who got scolded left and right over blogging and the Bersih thing which everyone in the world was laughing at him on that Saturday evening of 10 November 2007.

But it's not too late, Dino can and should teach him everything about e-mail, Web 2.0, Internet, Facebook and so forth. After all, politicians are using this, even his own ministrial colleagues are using this, and he has the son who is very good in IT to teach him. Maybe he might want to go into that before making another whining again, ain't it?

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  1. He looks and sounds like Gollum. Obsessive and greedy and disgustingly sub-human. Wonder what "my precious" meant to him? His PhD (Person having Delusion)? His Cultural and communication(that's a laugh, ain't it?) Minister post? UMNO? His family? or his Bodoh sombong ego? You guess is good as mine!


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