Sunday, January 10, 2010

Let's Go Back To Two Years Ago on Petrol

I was discussing with a friend on the coming of the restructuring of the petrol subsidy - due to start in May and we were trying to figure how a person gets to be qualified for subsidy or not. The problem is, the petrol meter is calibrated to use one single price. If you are qualified, then how is the machine going to adjust to that price and so forth?

Anyhow, we have been seeing lately of subsidy reduction on the essential items in the list including sugar and I get a feeling that the current politicians are still inefficient in handling the economy. In fact, to reduce the subsidy is part of the schemes of an economic hit man apart from increasing mega projects, all out to swindle the nation's money and making people suffer.

In fact people are suffering.

Since Najib is the Finance Minister I too, I happened to recall a remark from Anwar, two years ago. It was less than two months before the general elections and there was a video.

"When I do that, Najib will hit me. He will say "this man thinks he is good in economy but in fact doesn't know about economy."

" Kalau ikut dia, negara akan bankrap"

Coming back to this time, prices are increasing, nation deficit is at the all time high, corruption is still rampant and so forth. I was wondering whether Anwar's statement and mockery of Najib there is in fact becoming true when many people don't believe that statement given of his past.

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  1. Stupid Government- thinking of things which are really hard to implement instead of focusing on the things that matters. I don't see any real push to eradicate corruption within Government ranks for instance. Corruption adds to the cost of running this country hence the need for more national income.


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