Thursday, January 21, 2010

Now Who's Really in the Bankrupt Situation? BN or PR?

New Year's Eve 2007 - Najib was saying Malaysia will go bankrupt if Pakatan rules the federal government and reduces its petrol subsidy. Read here.

Flash forward to two years later, BN is leading but they are facing in sufficient reserves, bigger deficit this year and they are thinking of reducing the subsidies at one go. They are having problems now and risk facing public backlash. Read here.

That's why there's this revision of the subsidy petrol thing that Ayah Dali is proposing.

Why did you vote for BN in the first place? They are doing what the EHM would tell them to do!

Read the analytical report here. If you find it hard to believe, that's because you've been duped.

You've been warned before and now you're paying it. Malaysia's reserves coffers is near to zero.

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