Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Aha ! Bik Mama's Stresses

Out of the blue when Malaysiakini reporters decide to ask a question on allegation at Bik Mama, Rosmah got rattled and started to say no time for gossip and lies. Here's the quote:
“I said only relevant questions (about this function). I don’t entertain gossip. I don’t entertain lies. I don’t entertain… This is why… please, this is why I said earlier that we must concentrate on bigger issues.”
I notice some emotional content in that statement. Pretty sure that Rosmah is actually in a very tight situation and indeed in trouble. There are lot of attacks from various corners, in and out. As to illustrate the direction of attacks, you have one corner where Tian Chua said that RM 600K of money was channeled to her in Dubai by an associate of hers. Then Raja Petra was saying that she was paying off Bala with warnings from her brother-in-law Nazim and money from her toyboy Deepak. Then you have Mahathir who was slamming Najib for putting Malaysia in a pro-USA stance, something that doesn't bode well with the old man given the old man harbors suspicion of the Americans - of course that is to say that she's not happy with that too.

And of course, the allegation of her being at the scene of murder of Altantuya.

That is why to this day, Bik Mama is in hell a lot of trouble. Given that she tends to get involved more in things than any other first ladies, sure, she's encountering more trouble from whistleblowers everywhere who tend to expose the misdeeds of the present Najib administration, and those in the past. There are many people who are not happy of how things are shaping up here. That is why there are thorns to be removed with one of them being Pete.

I was pondering a few times, what if every shit hits the fan and she is caught with pants down, while the media is facing at her?

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  1. " ...relevent only ah ...pls dun ask about the
    missing ..a..aa...2 engines when he was the defense ... pls, ok !? "


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