Saturday, November 17, 2007

They Will Try Again

I remembered once the title post was one of the taglines used in Terminator 2. In the film's context, it was referring to Skynet trying one more time to rig the game between humans and machines by sending another Terminator back to assassinate young John Connor.

Let's picture if Abdullah Badawi's government is akin to Skynet, knowing that they are losing public support, they will try anything to stay in power, from rigging elections, planting moles into certain departments, doing this and that, and all sorts of unimaginable things much to the chagrin of the country-loving citizens.

I am wondering whether if the people are misled by the statement issued from the national palace by saying that the King regretted of the rally. Some people who could see through the veil like Raja Petra is convinced that this was an attempt by palace people, acting as eyes of the Government attempting to create another impression of rally failure by having that statement out by some high ranking castle men inside there.

Let's examine NST's article. The article was published at 1.45 p.m yesterday. How about Malaysiakini? It was published at 1.34 p.m. Within 12.15 p.m. to 2.45 p.m, the Malays would take a longer time off to perform their Friday prayers. So, within that time, the King must have probably gone to the National Mosque to perform Friday prayers with some of His citizens.

Just who is this Datuk Pengelola Bijaya Diraja thing? A housekeeper?

Raja Petra knows the palace protocol more than any normal citizen do. The truth is:

1. BERSIH has notified the King in advance that they want to hand the memo.
2. The King asks in reply who are the six representatives that will send the memo.
3. And just to make sure that it's not just six, 40000 came along. This gives the clear meaning to the King that the memo is written by the 40000 people as well. In addition, it gives a clear signal that the people are serious and would like to have an audience with His Majesty.

According to the castle rules, only the Keeper of the Ruler Seals can make an announcement. If you recall in Hari Raya, it's only him and no one else that makes the announcement. Now, do you see something suspicious about that Datuk Pengelola person sending a message out? Do you think that it is somewhat coincide with the ACA circumventing the IGP's standing orders? The bottom line right now is that the government is trying from another angle to say that they do not need to have further reforms to the electoral system. They are trying to say that the King has turned down the petition. But are those words directly from the King himself. We all would want to hear his words first before deciding whether it's true or not.

The fear right now is that people may be misled by what the statement is all about. So, it will take a hard effort to inform the people that they need to understand a certain set of royal protocols. By understanding that, at least, people will notice that there is somewhat an inconsistency in that statement.

My friend once admitted that he never reads The Star because of some things being blacked out. Sure, the Star is an MCA mouthpiece. In the past few weeks, anything related to MCA has to be said out in the paper. They had to stay under the UMNO imposed rules. If they keep saying this, then the MCA is not doing the job they are entrusted to do: protect the interest of the Chinese. And it ends with just kotow to the master. Like an under dog....yuck.

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