Friday, November 30, 2007

Time to Quit, Samy!

I get sick the moment I read news of Samy Vellu or when the paper man back in the Ipoh house says that word "That Bloody Bastard."

Samy Vellu remains the only leader left who has yet to hand over power to a younger person. If Dr M hands over leadership to AAB, or Ling Leong Sik handing over to OKT and LKY handing over to Koh Tsu Koon, why is he isn't doing that so?

Samy is now at 71, he can't hold on that long. He has to retire already. As according to Malaysiakini, Lim Kit Siang is pushing for it.

When the HINDRAF broke out, the government only started to act immediately. Just as what Chan Kong Choy should have done earlier to stop the Bukit Gantang bus accident or the ferry incident at Tioman Island, Samy Vellu isn't doing anything. But now, it turns as a desperation for the BN government. The toll price increase, the MIC hotline, these are those desperate things implemented last minute for they know that the support for them is starting to drop and they can't risk losing to the opposition.

Remember that the police actually started the whole mess at the rally, so it is them they should have the $100 million ringgit in hand because if the court finds them responsible, they will risk paying a lot of money to those whom they beat up that day. $2.5 million has been given in damages and compensation to Malek Hussain, and I am sure they do not want to pay more to them. But then again, people gets back their own's tax payer's money, right?

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  1. The MIC President being spurned by the Hindraf leaders could say he was “sad but not angry”. He further claimed that PM Abdullah has “never shut his eyes or ears to their plight “then what happened to the 18-point Memo that was submitted more than 3 months ago?. Shredded and thrown in the waste paper basket?
    And for the first time when an MIC MP (Cameron Highlands) opened his mouth to express his concerns on the Indian Plight in the country (that was so glaringly highlighted in the Sunday Rally protest) he was told curtly to resign from the MIC by an UMNO Minister. So what hope is there through legitimate means except by “streets demo” to draw the attention to their plight?
    For a read of the Hindraf 18-point Memo details
    Go H E R E 1
    or MORE Details & PICS – 500 Malaysian Indians Protest at Putra Jaya on Aug 12 07; Abolish Privileges, ALL POOR MUST BE HELP; Plight of Indians after 50 Years of Merdeka
    Go H E R E 2


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