Sunday, November 4, 2007

Government Paranoia

Next Saturday is the march of for clean and transparent elections with the handing of memorandum to the King. Everybody is expected to wear yellow as to show solidarity and respect to the king, who is the figurehead and the symbol of the nation as enshrined in the Constitution.

The march is expected to draw about 10 to 100 thousand people marching comprising of NGOs, opposition parties and concerned citizens, and even lawyers, yes who wanted Malaysia to be a more better place.

The police and the government indeed do have a wrong perception about the awareness of the event. First thing they perceived is opposition parties and illegal assembly, which means - of their insistence of having to apply for the permit, so to speak according to this Malaysiakini article. The thing is no BN-component parties were invited for the show. How ironic it is.

But the thing is that the people are showing support to the AGONG! Does that mean that by applying the permit, the police are deliberately holding the king back because the king is interested in meeting his loyal subjects that shows pure love of Malaysia? Is this idea politically motivated, meaning that they think that it's the opposition ploy and would do anything to stop that thing, just as similar to the Batu Buruk incident? Is this all about elections? Is this thing likely creates fear of putting the BN's objective of Zero Opposition in elections into waste?

In Thailand, thousands of citizens, dressed in yellow shirts, flocked to the hospital where King Bhumibol was undergoing treatment as to show support and vigil for recovery for their king. It is something that is acceptable without permit because the king is a symbol of the nation that everybody should be loyal to. In Malaysia, they are showing loyalty but why can't the police or the government understand this? There has been true things that the Executive is in collision with the Conference of Rulers. Their proposals of choice of judicial heads were rejected by the Rulers. From what most actual true reports say, the government is not interested in fixing the judiciary crisis that seen in most people.

We are now seeing a paranoid Information Ministry and certain government divisions that seems to suppress what is the truth and going after those who knew the truth. Just as in the film Brazil, the government is going after the wrongful ones with no remorse or regrets. Just to sweep the problems one side away. Another battle between the government and bloggers is underway where ZAM is pointing out about the BERSIH march as rumors and something to brainwash citizens to going against them.

I'm sure most people would know this line from V For Vendetta: People should not be afraid of the governments...governments should be afraid of the people. To think in contrast of the truth shows that he is not ready to accept criticism from the people. To say that people should not join the gathering means that he wants to stop the truth from breaking out.

Lastly, we'll go through some of the excerpts from what the Mamak Man of Merbok is commenting about:

He said the rumours were spread by certain parties to get the public to join a large-scale demonstration ostensibly to support the Malay rulers.

“In certain blogs, the public has been asked to dress in yellow (for the programme),” he told reporters after meeting the ministry staff here.

He was referring to the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections gathering to be held at Dataran Merdeka on Nov 10 by non-governmental organisations and opposition parties.

Zainuddin said that although there was no boycott of the meeting, they kept spreading the rumours in the hope that the public would be taken in.

“This is a move to give the impression that there is a rift between the rulers and the executive to create suspicion that the country is in a crisis,” he added.

He said the demonstration resulted from the exposure of a video clip purportedly on a lawyer brokering judicial appointments with a senior judge.

He said even reports on the speech of the Sultan of Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah, at the 14th Malaysian Law Conference in Kuala Lumpur on Monday had focused on his criticism of the judiciary but not that of the lawyers.

This clearly showed the leaning of certain media, he said, adding that they also published letters and comments from readers and lawyers which supported a restructuring of the judiciary, giving the impression that the judiciary was not independent and credible.

You are just like Nazri, asshole! This means that you are saying there is no judiciary crisis. Have you recalled what Ramli Yusoff was saying? Informants against the underworld were exposed by the ACA circumventing the Standing Orders of the IG! And you still never accept blogging unlike your Indonesian counterpart! Sultan Azlan Shah was once a Lord President who knows more of law compared to you, goblok. He knows better and the truth is right in front of everyone and you turned your eye around....

Zainuddin said these people, who had portrayed the Malay rulers as siding with them, believed that they had succeeded in confusing the public and planned a large-scale demonstration, claiming that it was to support the Malay rulers.

“The public must heed the police advice not to attend any unlawful meeting or gathering,” he added.

They should understand that the people behind the proposed demonstration were from opposition parties, which had lost the people's support, he said.

This spreading of false news was an obsolete strategy to get the people to demonstrate, he said.

If concerned citizens think that this is the truth that has to be told...go. If the police tries to block the permit, wrong. It is politically motivated. They are handing the memorandum to the Agong. This means that the people are serious in meeting the Agong and he should be allowed to meet them WITH NO restrictions. If the government is planning to stop this thing, it means further ranking drops in the Freedom of Speech Index. Don't forget we're at 124 of 169 this year!

“I believe the people are not easily taken in by this tactic, which will be used over and over again before the general election."


Latest Update:

In the morning, the site was hacked and a fake posting said that it was postponed indefinitely. That was a hoax and I just got an update and comment that the show will go on.


  1. Samy Vellu can you please try explaining to Mr Maidin in Tamil.

    Mayb he will understand better if spoken in his mother tongue.

  2. the postponment notice might be placed there by the hacker as there is no announcement by the organizer yet.. and it is just a simple note. last month, some web TV related to PAs was hacked. so this one might be hacked too...

    BTW... Zam's action only give free publicity to the gathering... free publicity on TV and newspaper!!! before this many people don't know about the gathering.. now, everybody knows about it... hehehe it backfired him... Thanks Zam... hehehe

    ps. Zam should be in KIMMA instead of UMNO....


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