Tuesday, November 6, 2007

AMNO Dirty Tricks Against The Public

Today was day 2 of the annual UMNO general assembly held at PWTC in Kuala Lumpur. The official opening was scheduled to be open by AAB tomorrow morning.

First of all, a light note. It seems that the Kerisman, Hishamuddin Hussein has made a serious clarification of why he waved the Malay dagger at last year's edition of the assembly. According to him, he waved because to show the Malay culture and to show that they are capable of protecting the minority Malaysian community. However, most opposition party people still think it's a stunt and the Kerisman being not sincere.

The next interesting part of Kerisman's speech is the acknowledgment that bloggers like us play an important part in nation building, which something that cannot be denied. This statement is indeed a stark contrast of what was said by the Son-In-Law of bloggers as monkeys. But he did stop short of saying the entire thing and warned of the limit, which the Puteri division (Young Women) division is saying a contrasting opinion against him, and sharing the same sentiment as ZAM. Another reference to the second part of Hisham's speech is seen here at Malaysiakini.

Now, here's the bad. With the knowledge that BERSIH will be holding a march to the palace this Saturday, there has been several signs that UMNO is attempting to sabotage the march with the deliberate purpose of playing dirty in elections, which is part of the Zero Opposition target initiated by the Son-In-Law. In bullet points:

Image by Mob

1. The BERSIH website has been hacked for the second time this morning by supposedly UMNO cybertroopers (Azalina's thug) with the sole malice intention specified above. Unlike the yellow page, this one said the site was down, but gave a number.

2. It seems that UMNO is not sincere enough even though they have offered assurances that they mean no insult to the non-Malays. But while we can tolerate, they themselves cannot tolerate of our criticism against them. The perfect example fitting that statement is that the young women division is starting to adopt the mob-mentality attitude and emulating certain guys like Nazri Aziz. For instance, besides the blogger issue, they still find that Wee case and the aftermath still unacceptable, despite the fact that they are indeed to blame for the troubles and problems in Malaysia. Next, in the aftermath of the Nurin murder case, they also followed suite of Nazri saying negligent parents should be charged, something that drew flak from many parents and certain human rights watch dogs.

3. Gombak youth division chief Ismail Ahmad has told the opposition and people who do not like their policies to leave for Singapore. Hello, we are all in Malaysia. Remember one part of Negaraku - Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku - I had shed blood in my birthplace...and you want to tell people to leave. This may imply it is likely what is to be seen in the 2057 agenda. By right, many feel that the policies that are in the country, some are inappropriate and will need to be changed in order to progress better. But our friend Ismail Ahmad is a guy that is short of foresight and perception.

4. The Son-In-Law wants to have the organizers of the Saturday march stopped and arrested. This simple statement simply implies that they want to play dirty. He bellowed a challenge: don't be monkeys at the street (blogger reference) but challenge at the election ring. However, Malaysiakini reports that the Agong has expressed his interest in meeting with the seven heads of the memorandum delegation, which could be an own goal scored by UMNO. Just yesterday, his crony, Kalimullah Hassan is attempting to repeat the success of gagging people from putting the connection of him and S-I-L as defamation. Wake up. Kalimullah is wasting NST shareholders money endlessly for the trial.

Also, according to Article 40(2) of the Constitution, the King has the right to withhold the request by the Prime Minister to dissolve the parliament if the period is premature, that is before 5 years is up. In the past, the King consents to the PM's request in such scenarios but he was not bound that he must do it. In fact AAB has misintepreted the notion that the King has to approve his choice of Chief Justice after Ahmad Fairuz. Of course no one can go above the king!

5. Segamat UMNO exco Member Johari Ismail has filed a police report against Abdullah Badawi that three pages of last year's minutes of meeting at the UMNO Supreme Council meeting were withheld as it contains a plot by AAB to stop ex-PM Mahathir from contesting the Kubang Pasu seat at the General Assembly. The secretariat Hussainy Hashim was personally instructed by AAB to withheld the portion despite a warning from previous secretary -general Rais Yatim over the offence of withholding information.

In the online community, we are paying more attention to the statements by the Youth division, the Young Women division and of course the Son-In-Law's fight against clean election. Because if we don't do anything against the greater evil, they will play bad like what we are facing now. Price hikes, corruption, crime rates, you name it....!

The online people has to do more in fighting the blog war front and winning it.

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