Saturday, November 3, 2007

Birthday Boy

I got some text message greetings from some friends and mostly family members in the morning and the afternoon.

My schoolmate could not made it for dinner today, but I went to help him to solve a technical problem downtown. I spent about a few hours there while awaiting for Y.S and Cheryl to come to the restaurant. They showed up at 7.45 p.m. due to the bad traffic condition on the way to the city.

I deliberately chose TGI for I thought Cheryl would be interested in doing some window shopping there at a new shopping mall. She has not been there and I thought it would be sensible for him to go there.

We had some good food that includes fish and chips, baked chicken ala king rice and roast half ribs for food with some appetizers and some mud cakes for desert. The staff there did some work on people who celebrated their birthday today, of course including me.

Here it is:

That's me, Y.S and Cheryl

Deserts: Mudcake, free birthday cake, cookies and ice cream...woah...I couldn't finish it.

We're watching the Man Utd game vs Arsenal which ended 2-2. A very interesting clash, with most of the male staff at the restaurant are Arsenal supporters, while I cheered out when Man Utd scored the goals.

Something to celebrate about, nice and small group.

Some interesting notes: -> Celebrities linked to November 3:

1. Charles Bronson
2. Dolph Lundgren
3. Gary Ross (Writer, director of Seabiscuit)
4. Kate Capshaw (Steven Spielberg's current wife)
5. Lois Smith (Iris Hinneman, Minority Report)

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  1. Didn't know it was your birthday. :(

    Anyway, here's a Happy Birthday wish... :)

    Just got back from Pulau Ketam. Problems with new maid. She ran away on Sat morning.


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