Thursday, November 22, 2007

Am I Driving As In The Shining?

Last Monday, I was on leave as we had a 3 day family gathering at Cameron Highlands. My colleague William told me that instead of going via Tapah, I can access the new route to the other side of Cameron Highlands via Simpang Pulai.

After using the other road back to Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday, I finally realized that going from the new route is much more shorter than the conventional route. The conventional route is about 100 kms long, that is 52 kms from Ipoh to Tapah and another 47 km from exit at Tapah to the first town called Ringlet.

On the other side it's about 91 kilometers from Ipoh town to reaching the other side of Cameron, a village called Kampung Raja.

However, when I drove from Simpang Pulai to there, there was no petrol station all along the way so you need to have adequate fuel, at least a quarter tank or more to go there. It was raining that day, so....

I thought for one moment that driving through the wide roads on the mountain side is similar to the opening segment of The Shining. It is not as winding as the old route so I took my time and overtook some vehicles on the way up. I somehow loved the white skies on the pictures that I've took. This was taken using Neutral color settings of my Powershot camera.

So this is the crossroads between the East Coast and Cameron Highlands. Up ahead is the route that goes to Blue Valley and Gua Musang, a town at the western side of Kelantan. It's about another 43 kilometers from here to up there, which we would cross the state border. Turning right is going to Kampung Raja, that is about another 20-30 kilometers from the crossroad.

On the third day, I left early, thereby unable to join my other family members in visiting the Boh Plantation estate as to reach back in Kuala Lumpur before my half-day shift starts at 2 p.m. On the way from Ringlet back to Tapah, there had been 5 occasions of landslides, thanks to Tuesday's heavy rainfall. The first landslide forced motorists to wait for 30 minutes for the road workers to clear of the trees. The third landslide forced motorists to wait for 10 minutes as to let fellow drivers from Tapah go up before letting us ahead.

All, in all, on that third day, I managed to reach my office 10 minutes before 2 p.m, but I didn't feel like eating lunch so I had biscuits at office.

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