Friday, November 30, 2007

Mainstream Media - Aiming To Please

I asked around some friends around of telling things from the Star, notably from my brother, my cousin and my friend Edmund, and the first thing they said about the papers, take NST or the Star is that most domestic articles, with exception to sports, world and are aimed to please the 4th Floor boys.

Yes, I tend to feel it now when I read these stuff on the papers. With exception for crime news, most articles are written based on the dictation by the ministers of Bolehland in power. Anything bad about the government is never covered here for the fear of backlash by the 4th Floor boys.

Uneducated idiots.

One week, the paper was covering the wake of Mr. Genting, Lim Goh Tong, instead of the important part of lawyers march. Is the lawyers march more a pressing matter than the Mr. Genting thing? All in all, when I read some articles like this one from Bernama, I feel it is not critical but aiming to please.

The thing that angered me a few weeks ago is the instruction by Musa Hassan to say that this number of people got arrested and only a small number showed up for the BERSIH rally. This was only the numbers on Friday, not on the rally day itself. The fear here is that people will be mislead by the spin doctors of Putrajaya.

The editors, well I had some sympathy as well as Shar, who spoke to me about whether Is the Mainstream Media Sulking? Yes, they are under pressure to censure those stuff that could inflict the wrath of the 4th Floor people.

There are things that tend to mislead, but not many people are aware of such things, which is why there is campaign of boycotting the papers. They are going on to show the government that the mainstream media are puppets and politically owned. I don't really blame the reporters or the editors, it's just that just Anwar Ibrahim said that 4th Floor spin doctors are semi-literate.

Remember during the UMNO assembly that the Mamak of Merbok got ticked off by the name Malaysiakini? Now he suggested paper on the wall? Go back to Merbok, fool!

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