Monday, November 26, 2007

Back From Singapore

Whew....what a trip!

I left Singapore from Beach Street at around 10.30 p.m with a bus reaching Kuala Lumpur at around 3.15 a.m. But I didn't feel anything throughout the ride except for stopping by Immigration checkpoints at Tuas (Second Link) and at a rest house before Yong Peng.

Something woke me up at around and I was back at Sungai Besi heading towards the bus stop in Pudu. Back there, numerous taxi drivers are there, waiting to greet passengers coming from the south. But I refused to take a cab because of one reason: they don't use meters round the clock. I must say that those cab guys in Singapore are showing more professionalism than those guys around here.

So I had to take a short nap at a nearby McDonald's shop while waiting for the LRT station to open its terminals at 6 a.m. Boy, I had to waste about 3 hours before being allowed to go back. I am not prepared to pay extra money for a taxi man who is inclined to pick people but wanted extra in the process.

I think I am the first guy on board of a train in the morning....

From the station, I took a long 15 minute walk all the way back home. Needed a good rest, so I slept the whole morning.....and blogging everything that I didn't fill up last week.

Watch the other spaces later on about my period in Singapore...

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  1. You like Singapore? Did you meet any Chinese-speaking Ah-Bengs? Haha! :)

    Anyway, just posted my review of Astonishing X-Men. Go check it out.


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