Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Asia Internet Congress Summary

At the end of this month, there will be an Asia Internet Congress to be held in Singapore from 28 to 30 of November.

For those who want to discover the secrets into making money online, the way of making passive income without hurting a whole in your pocket, you are encouraged to attend this three-day seminar at a very low price!

In this three day course, you will be given the opportunity of starting a business from scratch with the first day solely concentrating of finding your market niche, starting up a website and the art of driving traffic to your website.

On the next two days, you will get to meet and learn the tips and tricks of the top eight market netpreneurs of the world. The list goes as:

1) Dr. Mike Woo Ming - former doctor in profession, now a full time internet marketer.
2) Ewen Chia - The World's Number 1 Super Market Affiliate
3) Jermaine Griggs - speaker, internet marketer, pastor, owner of the Hear and Play site.
4) Sean Roach
5) Donna Fox
6) Nathan Anderson - the Guru of SEO, who teaches marketers in optimizing their web pages for optimized searching!
7) Joel Christopher - The master of List Building formerly a therapist

and finally....

8) Fabian Lim - The CEO of Asian Internet Academy. Personally trained more than 1,400 graduates in his popular Internet Marketing Bootcamp. Specialises in Pay-Per-Click Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Web Analytics, Online Campaign Management and Affliate Marketing Strategy.

Each of these speakers are personally selected and evaluated by Fabian himself to ensure that everyone gets to understand and benefit from their quality of their presentation. And to make things interesting, each of these speakers will go round the participants to help you...you the participant of the seminar to adopt their methodologies into your business based on the marketing model that you choose.

This Asia Internet Congress 2007 is only available for these three days only. And there is a limit of maximum number of people of attending so sign up for a seat today!

From today until the 9th of November that is on this Friday, Asia Internet Congress is proud to offer you a special promotion for early birds who sign up for this seminar! Here are the details:
3-Day Pass (28-30 Nov)

Normal Price: USD265 (SGD395)
Early Bird: USD84 (or SGD125)

Early Bird Savings: 70%!

2-Day Pass (29-30 Nov)
Normal Price: USD195 (SGD295)
Early Bird: USD57 (or SGD85)

Early Bird Savings: 72%!

(Early-bird special ends on Friday, Midnight 9 Nov)

In short, if you sign up now, you save 70 percent of your initial investment!

If you are giving yourself a second thought of joining this seminar, don't wait that long as this offer ends on Friday and there are people dying to get their places there. So do sign up for a seat!

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