Wednesday, November 7, 2007

ZAM Goes Ape at Assembly

Two days ago, I got a very amusing comment from a guy who visited my recent post called 'Government Paranoia'
Samy Vellu, can you please explain to Zainuddin Maidin in his native tongue?
Of course the native tongue means Tamil.

At the third day of the UMNO assembly, somebody whispered the word Malaysiakini and the Mamak of Merbok got his head rolling. He got aped and started bashing at in his speech to the audience, other UMNO members of branding Malaysiakini as something gossip, false, lies and whatever names that he wishes. In short, his paranoia went up by another level. He started his somewhat bashing with one of the phrases: You people are nonsense!

In the field of football, such antics is enough to warrant him a red card.

The role of an Information Minister is not an easy job and requires one to have a good foresight of the direction of information that should be presented to the public. The public is no longer shoved to the direction of former minister Mohamad Rahmat and is now in the new Millennium, not at 1970s. Whatever he does shows that he's fit somewhere else but not on this capacity. One question. Are we able to guess and see how the new generation, those born in the 90's think, believe and behave? If we spend some time with them, we would able to have a guessing of what they do and think - something that is missed out.

True to be told, ZAM has the mindset that hearkens back to the 70s where Internet did not exist yet. As mentioned many times before what he says promotes free publicity to the urban people and on recent events such as the blogger wars, the upcoming BERSIH rally and the calling of alternative media as not authoritative. Like some people at yesterday's session, they are quite a chauvinist and lack the real foresight and perception to see the truth that cries out. Solution presents itself.

Addendum by ZAM: Accept the Malay leadership

Again, that's another wrong point. Leadership is jointly made, not by one person. No race is an island. No man is an island.

So, supposed if people and everyone spread one magic word like Malaysiakini around, will he likely to repeat the same thing in the assembly. I won't know right now, but the more often it is done, (well some consider those who would do it as a repeating offender) well, he would blow his top more often. Someone pick the ball from here!

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  1. What do you mean he "goes" ape. He had been an ape all along. He is one of the top 5 "loudmouths" that spews "nonsense". Remember he shouted "nonsense". There is goes, this is the ape of the century appointed by governing monkeys.

    Just a urban monkey


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