Friday, June 18, 2010

Anwar, Drama's Been Dragging Too Long....

I already counted a few instances in which whenever I read about Anwar Ibrahim going to reveal things and things to come, it is putting people into suspense and then things dissipate after that. If my memory serves correctly:

1. A small part of V.K Lingam clip that hits out in 2007. It took a few weeks to show the entire first part and then the second part. But Part III was not accepted into submission by the Haidar commission of inquiry.

2. Anwar said that there were at least 30 to 50 MPs from BN to crossover to Pakatan by September 2008. Everyone was holding their breath until it didn't happen and it dissipated.

3. More suspense in July 2008 about the P.I Bala S.D

4. Evidence of PR members paid money to crossover. He said that: "“I will expose them soon, little by little, like how I exposed the Lingam tape…I will expose these rogue lawmakers who had betrayed the rakyat’s trust and had resigned for a few million ringgit. For example, Bagan Serai. Trust me, I have the evidence”

5. And today, an RTM reporter interviewed him in Parliament and according to Malaysiakini, he told the RTM man: ""I have said that I would reveal it at the right time, and that is my answer. Even if I reveal it, are they going to take any action. Is RTM going to report it?"

Well, it's many misses in the last 2 years since 2008 GE. These are among the few claims that Anwar was saying about. Like in a game of high-stakes poker, is Anwar actually calling a bluff whereas actually he doesn't have the means? All mean to scare the shit out of the UMNO mob?
And I am confused here. Zul Noordin the so-called "Pejuang Islam" gone quiet has been saying that Anwar has seen the Elizabeth Wong nude clip but Anwar says the other way round that he didn't see it. From my point of view, it's mind-boggling. And there's the suspense..did he see it or did he not see it?

All of these 5 points above are examples of Anwar's style of drama of keeping people on the toes as to get the suspense. I remembered that  people asked Stephenie Meyer about the climax of Breaking Dawn which they were expecting a bang after much building from the start to the last act, in suddenly, it dissipated, but Meyer answered that the resolution was similar to a checkmate in the chess game so to speak, in people may find it a little disappointing.

It reminds me of bollywood dramas and having seen this too many times at the turn point, I felt it has become an acting cliche from Anwar. 

Well, there are times that people just that he show the cards instead of prolonging the drama. If this like conducting the opera that you compose, 4 yawns from the VVIP and this tells that they are not interested in your show too boring, too cerebral. Take Don Giovanni for example. Mozart only made the Emperor Joseph II yawned once out of the 3 to 4 hour show there...

Anwar, can you jump straight to the point instead for once?

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