Thursday, June 3, 2010

It Won't Go Past Step One

Pic by Malaysian Insider - source reference here.

Idris Jala warned last week that Malaysia is facing bankruptcy within the space of the next 10 years. The first symptom is likely to start by around 2012 when Malaysia could be a oil importer - drop the exporter title- off. And whatever is based is based on statistics, starting from 1997, with a pattern trend used, and projected to hit rock bottom before 2020. Which means, 2020, Dr. M's pet project will just go down to the drain or in better words, is just pipe dream and will never be fulfilled at all.

Based on the current political trend here, Vision 2020 is not likely to come after all, with corruption still rampant and even those within UMNO who are unwilling to accept the painful plan to get out of the mire of problems there. Perkasa and the merry men of the Malay council something (can't recall the name) have clearly shown that they had snubbed Idris Jala. And the interesting point in that thing about Najib itself. Najib has clearly supported the NEM from the beginning, but after the hoo haas from Perkasa, he apparently seem to snub Idris and distanced himself out. 

I had a feeling that he became docile and cuddling thing from Perkasa and the big mouth that is Katak Ali.

Seeing this gives me a picture that whatever plans that Idris presents on reducing subsidies will never start from square one. Of course this reminded of the tier subsidy scheme that Ayah Dafi Sabri has mentioned sometime back only to be scrapped at the 11th hour because of complexity. In the end, it is waste of manpower, resources and salary to bring people to come out with plan only to see it down to the drain and start with nothing. 

With that history, I doubt it will happen at all. And it gives the picture that Najib is just the same as Abdullah Badawi - lacking political will to move due to objections from his own kind - for political reason, not for more bigger reasons to be concerned about.

Many are still etched with the Jaguh Kampung mentality in the ruling elite and given of amount of losers (senators) being ministers / deputy ministers instead of qualified BN MPs, I see there is not much of change in governance apart of politically attempting to restore Chinese support to Barisan Nasional.

Come on...there are more bigger things to worry about rather than showing who's mighty among the village boys! There's the economy to worry about, there's a world war going to brew out and then knows no race and so forth..and you want to squabble over a small thing?

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