Friday, June 4, 2010

If Anniyan's Around, It's Andha Kubham for BHP Staff In Cheras!

More pics on the accident here

Pretty horrifying - that's what my friends and I would sum up on the accident in Cheras early morning today. This thing appeared in the KomunitiKini section of Malaysiakini. Had the staff from BHP petrol station lend a hand to help the man asking for help to douse the accident, the woman who was killed could be surviving, but maybe in a critical to stable condition there.

I felt that the blood of the woman lies on the hands of the two staff who said no. Well, if you are faced with this problem, would you risk going in there and slap the persons to wake up and use moral sense there? - even  if it gets you to the police or management suing you? But at the expense of saving a life?

I remembered watching a scene in Anniyan where Anniyan commits the first murder by having cows and buffalos stampeding a man who refused to send an injured man to the hospital (the injured man arrived 30 mins later but too late, he was dead). If Anniyan does exist in real life, those two people, no matter if they are staff or not would definitely have been executed by being stampeded by a heard of animals!

I really wondered what is the identity of that victim really is, but it's pretty horrible there.

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