Thursday, June 10, 2010

Spook In Parliament!

What can I say? Does he actually know about Altantuya or he doesn't know it from his cousin?

Well, there's another example of someone who claims to know everything but open his mouth in gaga thing. No wonder Hisham Rais calls this Hisham - "Mat Lidah Kontot:" - speaking like a lizard

Even people fell victim to their own newspaper when the paper did not report the entire picture or missing some critical points of a story.

“Based on his answer, it is obvious that the department had a database to ensure all information regarding foreigners are kept safely allowing for easy reference and action, if and when necessary,” he said.

Bearing this in mind, Azmin then shot Hishammuddin with this question: “Does the Immigration Department’s scope of authority include erasing or losing travel records of foreign nationals such as Altantuya?
“If her records were erased, then who was responsible and what actions have been taken by the government so that a repeat will not occur?” he asked.

And there he fumbled. Looking for a cue from cousin Najib.

There, it seems from the lies, fire is burning their pants. And I was laughing over it. Altantuya spooks!

Stunned is not the word. Spooked is more like it.

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