Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chickening Out, As Expected!

There are no prizes for guessing this. With everything against them to make sure that they don't cheat in the upcoming interviews with PI Bala, the MACC had to pull out of the interview. And there is only one party that tells them do avoid it: The A-G chambers. Simply put, it became unbearable to them in many things, including all expenses were to be borne by the agency, they can't use Malaysia's OSA Act in Britain, vs Freedom of Information Act, many things revealed by PI Bala can clearly implicate Jibby, Bik Mama and people involve in this thing. 

It means one thing behind the scenes: Gani Patail and the AG Chambers is tending to screw Bala via many means just as what is happening in Sodomy II trial. Put everything into the hush hush thing. 

It is nothing less than astounding to now realize that an authority such as the MACC, who would have been expected to have done everything in their power to investigate the very serious allegations made against the Prime Minister, his wife and his brother, to now forfeit that opportunity on tenuous and exasperatingly flimsy grounds knowing full well that much preparation has gone into organizing this interview and to then pull out at the very last moment contrary to the false perceptions created by them up till now.
This turn of events has certainly destroyed what little credibility the MACC had left and has confirmed the suspicions held by most right thinking members of society that they are a body existing solely to protect the interests of the powers that be and to ensure that any opposition to the government is dealt with by harsh, brash, unnecessary and lopsided vehemence with the sole purpose of destroying any legitimate questioning of the excesses of the ruling regime so that power is perpetuated in the hands of their masters.

As far as I am concerned, and I know I speak for the team of lawyers representing Bala in this matter, that we will all be in London at the Holiday Villas, Bayswater at 10 am on the 5th July awaiting the arrival of the 3 MACC officers who are supposed to interview Bala as arranged and as promised.

Let me add that whatever advice the MACC may have received from the Attorney General's chambers is highly suspect and devoid of any legal basis, but instead smacks of a hastily assembled concoction of very weak excuses designed to avoid a potentially embarrassing situation for those who are obviously in control and who are able to hijack the machinations of the State and to manipulate the system to suit their own illegitimate agendas.

What Abdullah Badawi wanted about MACC is going down to the drain.

True, I can imagine the real people involved are sweating and nervous over this. They can't run forever.

Eventually, the MACC is behind the 8-ball in this situation. It is a lose-lose situation. If they try to go in there, Malaysia's laws cannot be used against Britain's laws. If they pull out, too bad, as the whole thing, as in the press conference next Wednesday will reveal to the world including the world press that whatever is revealed will be pointed back to Bik Mama, Jibby and everything could be spilled open. It could be a small crack that could be the prelude to what Hisham Rais, 'menghancurkan Gerombolan'.

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